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Wanhos solar 30 Flat roof

For Safe Installation Work:


►Stop work during stormy weather. Solar modules can be caught in the wind, causing you to fall.
►Never step or sit on the glass surface of a solar module. The glass may break, resulting in shock or bodily injury. The module may also stop generating power.
►Always use the supplied parts to attach the solar modules and mounts. Use of weaker parts, such as screws that are too short, is dangerous and may cause the solar modules or mounts to fall.
►Always use the specified tools. The solar modules or mounts may fall if the installation is not strong enough, for example when parts are not tightened sufficiently.
►Do not modify or cut parts. Doing so is dangerous. Safety cannot be guaranteed.
►Product should be installed and maintained by qualified personnel. Keep unauthorized personnel away from solar modules

►Determine the wind loads for the installation site. Check with your local building and safety department for the specific requirements. Make certain that the roof structure can support the live and dead loads resulting from the installation of the PV array.
►Install solar modules facing south, if possible. Installations facing east and west are also possible, although the amount of power generated will be lower.
Installation Steps

Firstly :Front leg、Rear leg and Cross leg.

Assemble the front leg.The degreed module should be put in right position. Assemble the cross leg. Leg conjunction face up. Connect the front leg to the cross leg as demonstrated.
Keep some height from the cross leg to the floor. Push the cross leg in the direction of arrow against the front leg. The T screw should put into the slot of the front leg. Fasten the screw.
Assemble the rear leg. Keep the front and rear leg in one line. The distance to the floor should be the same height.
Secondly :Assemble another pair of legs. Do keep the two front legs in one line. The distance between two front legs is according to the length of rail. The distance could be adjustable and pre-set.

Thirdly :Put the rails on the legs. Fix the rail by fasten the T-screws in the degreed module. Side length should be the same.

Fourthly :Place the first module of the bottom row. Slide the end clamp tightly against the module and fasten it. Install the end clamp and mid clamps.

 Fifthly :Slide the next module against the installed module. Fasten the mid clamp. Install other modules and clamps in this way. Keep module even.

Sixthly :The racks can be connected by rails splice.