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UB-Ground Mounting System

Install front reading


l             Prohibited operations in the situation of storm, typhoon, hurricane, earthquake, volcanic eruption and other inclement weather and natural environment disaster.

l             Surface mounting operations do not sit on the solar battery board.

l            As a high-altitude operations, please strictly abide by the safety specification for high-altitude operation.

l           If charged operation, please strictly abide by the safety specification for live working.

l            If there is fever homework, please strictly abide by the safety operation specification high fever.

l             Please use the qualified tools installed, if the specified tool, please in strict accordance with the requirements specified tool installation.

l             When installed, should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the specificationfor the installation.


Step oneThe front and rear foot mounted and fixed good, around one one corresponding, in a straight line.

Step twoConnects the square bar installed on the front and rear foot with hanging lugs on the cap.

Step threeThe transverse tube is arranged in the front and rear foot, through the U type bolt will be fixed to the front and rearfoot horizontal tube.

          The side transverse pipe and the end surface of the front and rear foot flush.

Step fourThe guide rail is placed in the horizontal tube.

                   Position proportional guide rail size suggested values are as follows: (where D is the width of the solar batteryboard)

                   The guide rail can be continuously connected extends through the guide rail connecting block.

Step fiveThe U type bolt component will guide is fixed on the transverse tube.

Step sixThe first solar panel is placed on the bracket as shown in the diagram, with two sets of pressure block assembly,locking, fixed it in place.

Step sevenSimilarly, the solar battery plate are respectively installed on the rest of the bracket, two plates of adjacent by medium pressure fixed,

          The side by side pressure fixed. Lock with method of medium voltage and rail lock matched method and lateral pressure and the guide rail is similar.