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PV policy game

Photovoltaic policy the recent introduction of intensive, the spring breeze blowing the domestic photovoltaicdownstream industry, capital wave continuously, peripheral enterprise to be eager for a fight. However, the uppergood policy, implementation effect pending, compared with the overseas "new energy pacesetter" countries, the domestic photovoltaic policy environment is still great room for improvement.

Good policies issued directly stimulate the capital into the photovoltaic industry, some banks also began to loanlimit policy to relax the requirements of photovoltaic industry.

Policy to stimulate

This time, Hengda "play cross-border" extend into the photovoltaic downstream market.

9 at the end of this year, Hengda announced about 90000000000 yuan in the construction of the projectZhangjiakou 9200000 kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation, respectively is 6000000 kW, 200000 kW solar photovoltaic power plant Industrial Park distributed photovoltaic power generation projects and 3000000 kWphotovoltaic agricultural project.

Hengda across the border into the photovoltaic field is not isolated incidents. In October 11th, central sharesissued announcement said, plans to invest 1300000000 yuan prospectus to Zhonghuan photovoltaic photovoltaic products for construction project. Lin Yang electron publicly stated in October 15th, will be increased nearly 1800000000 yuan to build solar photovoltaic project, and shortly before Lin Yang electron has to 134000000yuan in capital company of photovoltaic power station.

It is worth noting, peripheral companies flocked to the photovoltaic downstream market and favorable policiesperiod coincided with the. In September 2nd this year, the National Energy Bureau issued "on the further implementation of the distributed photovoltaic power generation related policies of the notice", defined thephotovoltaic power generation amount of user can be in accordance with local photovoltaic power stationbenchmarking electrovalence full takeover, guaranteeing the distributed photovoltaic project investment income.

In October 13th, the national energy board again released photovoltaic stimulus - "National Energy Administration on Further Strengthening the photovoltaic power station construction and operation management of work notice",the content involves the overall advancement construction, large-scale photovoltaic power station base stationfinancial innovation photovoltaic products and services content. The day before, the Energy Bureau also issued"notice about carrying out the new power projects investment development order special supervision".

According to the October 17th media disclosure, national energy administration, poverty alleviation and Development Leading Group Office of the State Council jointly issued "on the implementation of the PV of poverty alleviation project work program" and decided to use 6 years to organize the implementation of photovoltaicpoverty alleviation project, the photovoltaic industry as a new way of poverty alleviation work, hope to effectively expand the new field of PV market, bring greater social effect.

Good policies issued directly stimulate the capital into the photovoltaic industry, some banks also began to loanlimit policy to relax the requirements of photovoltaic industry. Display a "photovoltaic power generation industriescredit guidance" China Merchants Bank recently issued, banks involved in the photovoltaic industry already has a larger space and prospects, China Merchants Bank has "industry" as a "moderate photovoltaic power station into the industry".

Distributed PV power station operation of green peace has been one and a half years, during which often receivesome delegation of new energy enthusiasts and company visit investigation activity, green peace related person in charge of the new financial reporters, since this year, photovoltaic concept is market strength, income from investment banks recently many financial companies to consult this power plant project.

The policy is short board

"The state of the upper policy very well, but below the implementation and the implementation will encounter many problems, need time to slowly improve, it is difficult to step in." The first person in Beijing photovoltaic Ren Kai to new finance reporter out obstacles to implement policies.

Photovoltaic downstream industry development bottleneck is also reflected in the domestic public approval degree of solar power on. And the public in European and American countries for renewable energy approbate degree taller, because it has a long development process, and our country really encourage public investment distributedsolar power from the last really started.

In fact, China's photovoltaic industry support policy to start relatively late, after the photovoltaic manufacturing industry in 2006 China's vigorous development, national incentive policies started. As early as in the last century70's, the United States has formulated and promulgated a national photovoltaic development plan and the million solar roofs plan. International Photovoltaic Power Generation for the rapid development of Germany and Japan,also begin to develop planning and subsidy scheme planning of photovoltaic industry from the last century 90's.

In July 21, 2009, China's Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of science and technology, the National EnergyBureau jointly issued the "Circular on the implementation of the golden sun demonstration project" (hereinafter referred to as the "golden sun"), decided to take financial assistance, technology support and market driven approach to accelerate the development of industrialization and scale of the domestic photovoltaic power generation, which is considered to be China's support for the photovoltaic industry first policy.

But in the launch of the "golden sun", China PV market has not yet formed, the cost is taken out, the policy ofsubsidy according to the installed capacity, this scheme is simple and easy to operate, but the disadvantage ofthis pre subsidy, projects through the review after the subsidies, "cheat fill, first built after the demolition Dajian,newspaper small" phenomenon is the supervision, quality shrink and power station construction "by the secondaryassembly, difficult to control" problem is also difficult to monitor.

Thus, the "golden sun" finally in 2013 to withdraw from the stage of history. Instead of the "degree of electricitysubsidy scheme. In August 30, 2013 under the national development and Reform Commission issued "on the role of the price lever to promote the healthy development of photovoltaic industry notice" clearly the implementation of tariff system of PV power station power generation, according to the different light resource area, electricity price is divided into 0.9 yuan / kWh, 0.95 yuan / 1000