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Installing triggered concerns about the quality of the photovoltaic power station

The Yellow River floods washed away the photovoltaic power station, Hainan typhoon blow down of PV power station, Tianjin photovoltaic roof combustion...... With the rapid promotion our PV installed capacity, quality issues related to the continuous emergence of photovoltaic power station. According to the formulation of National Energy Bureau in 2014 China's photovoltaic industry development plan, this year plans to increase the installed capacity of 14 GW, but the first half finished but about 3 gw. At the end of the installing surge in front of large scale, photovoltaic power station will be built, its 25 year warranty period can be realized?

The quality problems of power station can not be ignored

Construction of large-scale photovoltaic power plant in recent years, if there is a large range of quality problems in the future, will cause a "catastrophic" situation.

"Plans to add 14 gigawatts this year, and by the end of 2012 China's photovoltaic power plant total installed capacity is only 6.5 gigawatt." Jun Sheng Cci Capital Ltd investment director Zhang said in an China "electronic newspaper" interview with reporters, "the national energy secretary Wu Xinxiong stressed several times in this year's conference, in the large-scale development of photovoltaic power station at the same time, absolutely can not let the quality problems. In fact, quality for photovoltaic products, National Energy Administration and theCNCA in the second half of last year had special investigation group through the organization, and detectioninstitutions gathering visited photovoltaic products, carries on the investigation to the quality status of photovoltaic products, found that the problem of product quality and a lot of."

According to the third party inspection certification institution in Beijing Kam value certification center responsible person said, the current photovoltaic power plant problems mainly focus on equipment quality, design of power plant, power plant construction and plant operation and maintenance etc.. Based on more than 400 plant testing found that the photovoltaic component exists mainly hot spots, cracked and the attenuation of power quality problems such as. Taking the power attenuation for example, last year in the center of field testing of 11 large ground station components to run 1 years, considering the uncertainty of the equipment after the discovery,attenuation component of around 50% in 5% ~ 10% between components of about 30% of the power attenuationof more than 10%, 8% component decay has more than 20%. This means that common commitment component enterprises 25 years only 20% attenuation warranty, some of the products is in operation for 1 years has beenclose to or even beyond the bottom line.

The center deputy director Xie Bingxin told the "China Electronics News" reporter, construction of large-scalephotovoltaic power plant in recent years, if there is quality problem of large range in the future, will cause a "catastrophic" situation; in addition, the quality of current risk of photovoltaic power station is also the causes of the financial and insurance institutions did not dare to enter the photovoltaic industry is the most direct.

"The quality of our industry, mean for investors?" DuPont photovoltaic materials market manager Fu Bo told the "China Electronics News" reporter, "if the assembly quality is bad, will lead to the attenuation of acceleration andshortened life expectancy. To calculate the ground to around 20 MW photovoltaic power plant in China's western region, if the component life can reach 25 years, then the investment internal rate of return can be achieved evenmore than 11%; if the component life of only 10 years, then the rate of return will drop to 4.8%; if the componentquality problems, and the power attenuation of acceleration, increased from every year 0.8% normal to 5%, then the rate of return is only 2%. Thus, the quality of components has much effect on the rate of return on investment."

The policy requirement to strengthen the testing and certification

The policy and not explicitly forced hook photovoltaic products price subsidies and the use of certification, butreflects the industry departments focus on strengthening the quality supervision idea.

Last July, the State Council issued the "on a number of opinions" to promote the healthy development of photovoltaic industry, clearly put forward the photovoltaic key products to strengthen the certification testing,without the detection of certified products can not enter the market. Zhang said, because the current photovoltaicproduct related standards is not very perfect, at the same time the market awareness of the authentication resultis not high enough, so some manufacturing enterprises not only not in accordance with the standard production,also does not carry out certification, and power plant developers in the purchase is not pay attention to buyproducts through quality certification. "Especially by the end of the installing period, supply is very tight,developers can buy what components to power plant is provided what components, there is no time to consider the quality of component." Zhang said.

To this end, the National Energy Bureau pointed out that in the recently issued "on the further strengthening ofphotovoltaic power station construction and operation management of work notice", to strengthen the quality management of engineering construction, the grid connected photovoltaic power plant project should be adoptedby the National Certification Commission for approval and certification institutions of photovoltaic components,inverter and other key equipment; engineering PV power station the design and construction units should strictly enforce national standards (including the industry standard) and engineering specifications, the project entity shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions on the management of the project completion and acceptance,and the completion acceptance report sent to the provincial departments in charge of energy, the national energy administration agencies, departments in charge to the state photovoltaic technology management. "Notice"stressed that the completion acceptance report is a prerequisite for projects included in the national renewable energy development fund subsidies directory. At the same time, the National Energy Bureau jointly with therelevant departments under the State Council shall timely organization of photovoltaic power station engineeringquality inspection, and will examine the results in a proper manner announced.

Prior to this, the National Energy Bureau and the CNCA had jointly issued "on the strengthening of photovoltaic products testing and certification work opinions", put forward the "PV power generation project access the public grid and enjoy government subsidies at all levels of the non grid independent PV power generation project, to be used by the CNCA approved certification