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Japan: desperate new energy investors and confusion of the electric power company

And other expect interest through new energy like the Japanese, Owoo Junichi has felt very indignant. Daewoo A isa consultant, he hopes to retire after their income can be increased, therefore, earlier this year, he was inresidence nearby rice field invested $200000 for a 50 kW solar panels power facilities built.

According to the plan, he will sell that the generation of electricity from solar panels facilities of electricity to Japan'sKyushu Electric Power company. However, recently, Kyushu Electric Power Company suspended all new energy grid application. Not only that, the other 4 power company also announced the same decision.

Electric power company said that in general, they cannot adapt to the new energy business with so many newinvestors to join, the future development of this also reflects the power company of Japan's new energy strategyskeptical.

For new energy power generation, another challenge is the amount of power generation is not reliable and stable,and the energy is not easy storage.

O Ujun always said the reporter, "Kyushu Electric Power Company produced the Domino linkage effect on new energy investors approach. In fact, this and deceive no two, the power company and the collusion between the government, the."