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Latest projects in the international photovoltaic industry

I. British subsidy policy shifts, PV is expected to participate in the next round of CfD bidding
On March 2, the United Kingdom launched a government consultation on the revised CFD bidding mechanism, with the intention of taking its net-zero emissions target seriously. The British government acknowledges that relying on market signals alone may not stimulate sufficient investment and will not allow Britain to step by step to achieve decarbonization of the power industry. Government consultation confirms that photovoltaic projects are allowed to participate in the next round of CfD auctions scheduled for 2021. This means that after the subsidy policy shift, the scale of photovoltaic reserve projects may expand rapidly.
2. Brazil will build 794 photovoltaic power generation projects in the next 4 years
According to the "Brazil News" website report, according to the Brazilian Electricity and Energy Research Institute (EPE), a subsidiary of the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy, recently announced the domestic electric energy tendering project. In the next 4 years, the total installed capacity of 1,528 energy tendering projects in Brazil will reach 5.1438. 10 megawatts, including 794 photovoltaic power generation projects, accounting for 55%, with a total installed capacity of 28.667 million megawatts.

3. Indonesia plans to invest 17.45 billion US dollars to support photovoltaic power generation projects
Recently, Indonesia announced the renewable energy development goals. By 2025, the country's total renewable energy generation capacity will reach 24.704 million kilowatts, accounting for 23% of Indonesia's total domestic electricity generation. According to the latest plan, photovoltaic power generation will invest 17.45 billion US dollars.