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Japan EPC pioneered solar photovoltaic support custom Wanhos aluminum

Recently, Wanhos solar energy science and technology limited company announced a new product -- the whole aluminum PV mounting system. Product market, to obtain the Japanese customers, signed an order.
According to the introduction, this set of aluminum PV mounting system using 6005-T5 aluminum, corrosion resistance is strong, is environment friendly solar bracket is applicable to a variety of terrain. Through the column and the spiral pile up and down direction adjustment, the whole solar bracket height can be fine-tuning within 200mm, and the secondary keel innovation design transverse adjustment, adjust the plus or minus 15 degrees according to the actual needs of customers. The multi direction can be adjusted so that the product of the site adaptability greatly enhanced. At the same time, because the material is qualitative light, transportation convenience, the whole operation easier. In accordance with the Wanhos Solar has always been standing in the customer perspective, for customers to save cost of purpose, photovoltaic bracket on the realization of pre installed in the factory, saving installation time of the construction site, greatly improving the efficiency of the assembly. It is worth mentioning that, after pre installed, can also prevent the connecting piece is missing, at the site of damage, ensure the construction quality and schedule.
"Very happy, Wanhos Solar's first full aluminum bracket system will be installed in the Shirakawa City, Fukushima prefecture. Every time we develop new products, is investigating a number of market demand and development based on the experience accumulated. The aluminum photovoltaic bracket system can successfully launched and the first to get a Japanese customer orders, we proved once more that the market ability to control and its research and development capabilities. We are confident that the aluminum photovoltaic bracket system very down to earth, except Japan, other market customers would also like." Wanhos yang to Japan business department supervisor evaluation.